Dual “V” Timber

Dual “V” Timber
  • Wind Cup
  • Ribs with “Easy Change” system
  • With base/support
  • Screws in Stainless steel and nickel plated brass
  • Retractile System
  • Gas spring opening

Evolution of the single parasol astro with innovative opening and closing system assisted by a gas spring. Retractable structure that allows opening and closing above tables and chairs without moving the furniture. Suitable for all environments and recommended for a commercial employ (bars, restaurants, hotels and terrace dehors). With highly durable wood finish aluminum frame. Impervious to saltwater and uv degradation. An innovative and highly appreciated effect in the outdoor branch. Strong structure composed of 2 parasols side by side and anchored to a single support.

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Technical Details
Assembling Instruction

Colour range
Optional and Bases

Measures Code Measures Weight Volume (m3) Pole (mm) Support Section (mm) Finishing for frame - structure - components Ribs Componets - Ribs color Ribs section Wind Cap Wind stop Revolving base 360° Ribs with “Easy Change” system With base-support With winding mechanism Screws in Stainless steel and nickel plated brass Inclination up to 20° Inclination up to 60° Double pulley Retractile system Telescopic system Valance Gas spring opening Colour range Cover bag Brassfinishing With base-support Cement slabs Raingutter set Bases
3,0x6,0 C3060 DVL C3060 DVL 120 0,60 110x110 1 8 1 18x30 - - - - - - - - A1N T6N T7N S1N T2N T3N T8N T9N - -
N°4 BC5151 - N°12 BC5050
N°4 BV5050
Fissaggio a terra

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