Dual “V” Carbon

Dual “V” Carbon
  • Wind Cup
  • Ribs with “Easy Change” system
  • With base/support
  • Screws in Stainless steel and nickel plated brass
  • Retractile System
  • Gas spring opening

Evolution of the single parasol astro with innovative opening and closing system assisted by a gas spring. Retractable structure that allows opening and closing above tables and chairs without moving the furniture. Suitable for all environments and recommended for a commercial employ (bars, restaurants, hotels and terrace dehors). Aluminum frame with metallic anthracite effect. Strong structure composed of 2 parasols side by side and anchored to a single support.

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Technical Details
Assembling Instruction

Colour range
Optional and Bases

Measures Code Measures Weight Volume (m3) Pole (mm) Support Section (mm) Finishing for frame - structure - components Ribs Componets - Ribs color Ribs section Wind Cap Wind stop Revolving base 360° Ribs with “Easy Change” system With base-support With winding mechanism Screws in Stainless steel and nickel plated brass Inclination up to 20° Inclination up to 60° Double pulley Retractile system Telescopic system Valance Gas spring opening Colour range Cover bag Brassfinishing With base-support Cement slabs Raingutter set Bases
3,0x6,0 C3060 DVC C3060 DVC 120 0,60 110x110 carbon 8 carbon 18x30 - - - - - - - - - A1NT2ST3ST6NT7NS1NT8NT9N - -
N°4 BC5151 - N°12 BC5050
N°4 BV5050
Fissaggio a terra

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