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Gas-spring retractable parasols

We have created a new future to live the outdoor dominated by: technology, ergonomics, design, innovation. The wisdom and the artisan Italian excellence have evolved and refined through accurate and dedicated studies, technological and engineering, obtaining stratospheric results: GALAXIA.

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Design parasols

New range of articles designed for modern and dynamic environments. Parasols that have appearance and innovative design, but that develop concepts of practicality and functionality. Items designed for professional use.

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Giant parasols

Dehor parasols and umbrellas for large areas, have sturdy aluminum structures. Combining efficacy and beauty, they’re presented as the undisputed center of each area that dominate. Designed for professional use, they are equipped with an original closing system that doesn’t require removal of the underlying furnitures. Also available in the modular structure composed by 2 [...]

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Retractable parasols

New model with opening system allows easy closure of the parasol without moving the furniture. This is the best system on the market because Scolaro designing and developing them has taken into account of: easy opening and grade, aesthetics, special attention in foreseeing possible assistance or easy restore by the final customer. The inclination system [...]

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Side post parasols

The side post in aluminum parasols offer a large covering area: the base is moved with respect to shadow area and can be used as a planter. The closing and opening are easy and light thanks to the winch crank. The wide range offered has multiple combinations of materials and finishing. The covers are available [...]

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Central pole parasols

Parasols with central pole in wood and aluminum are an ideal solution for creating functional and versatile shaded areas. They are available in different shapes and sizes and they can be placed in one of the bases of different shapes. The closing and opening are easy and light thanks to the double pulley. The covers [...]

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